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Beginner: Sewing and Fashion Design = Engineering

We are committed to building the skill of the beginning Stitcher. This beginner sewing course is designed to teach you foundational sewing skills including home-sewing machine operating skills, fabric cutting, construction as well as finishing techniques. The class will emphasize mathematic concepts, reading comprehension, and learning to use drafting & design tools. By the end, you will have built a solid foundation of sewing skills and techniques to prepare you for our intermediate and advanced sewing classes, where you will learn the basics of garment construction.

may, 2021

may, 2021

Intermediate: Sewing Class (Coming Soon!)

Are you ready to graduate your sewing knowledge to the next level? In my intermediate class, you will learn new techniques for design, pattern selection, garment sewing, how to operate a sewing machine, mastering a commercial pattern or designing your own. Everything you learned from sewing your beginner project created a foundation of skills and techniques that you’ll need for garment construction in this class.

Advanced: Sewing Class (Coming Soon!)

Join this cutting-edge sewing class, with expert instruction by Cherney Jackson, in constructing original clothing using today’s finest fabrics. This class covers pattern alterations and fitting, pattern drafting and design, quilting as well as fiber arts. You’ll pick up helpful tips on adjusting patterns to fit before you sew, eliminating the frustration of wasted time and effort. Our highly qualified instructor will educate you on the latest methods and trends that will carry you towards your sewing and designing goals.

may, 2021